September 19, 2019

Features Benefits
Single / Locked SSID (Persistent Wi-Fi Connection)
  • Only designated SSID will be searched and connected
  • No popup selection box of nearby non-preferred SSIDs
  • Always connected to designated access points
  • Reliable wireless network
Always on Wi-Fi w/ Sleep Mode
  • Unique "Sleep Mode" keeps Wi-Fi connection online but consumes only 2% of normal power
  • Avoid idle Wi-Fi connection drop by access points
  • Configurable Wi-Fi reconnection period
  • Maximum system uptime for real-time POS application
  • Critical to Terminal Services Client (TSC) / Remote Desktop (RDP) applications
Fast & Seamless Wi-Fi Roaming
  • Fast Wi-Fi roaming across access points transparent to applications (typically less than 1 second)
  • No interruption to online applications due to slow roaming
  • Critical requirement for non-stop and large area implementation
  • Configurable roaming trigger level to address for different signal coverage conditions
  • Roaming in a second!
  • Avoid system halt due to roaming failure
  • A “must” for multi access point implementation
  • Adjustable roaming level for site performance optimization
Setup configurations Hardened
  • Introducing PDA Admin & User mode, only authorized administrator is allowed to access/modify PDA files, database and system settings, e.g. IP Address, SSID, program shortcuts & etc
  • In user mode, all shortcuts, programs & configurations are protected. No files can be directly accessed and no program can be installed
  • Irrelevant utilities and games are removed
  • User cannot change setup configurations
  • Standardize PDA deployment
  • Enable Zero-Admin & Zero-Support once deployed
  • Game, mp3 & video removed
  • Unauthorized installation, database & files access are prohibited
Superb Power Management
  • Unique "Sleep Mode" typically doubles battery runtime in compare with consumer PDAs
  • CPU run slower in backlight dim state to conserve power
  • Typical runtime in a restaurant: 8-12 hours with a extended 2680mAh battery2
  • 1500/2680mAh battery can support a full day operation
Remote Desktop (RDP) / Terminal Services Client (TSC)
  • Genuine fullscreen (320x240) RDP /TSC
  • Auto logon: No manual entry of username & password
  • Configurable RDP/TSC profile
  • Fullscreen RDP / TSC with Auto Logon
Batteries and Charging Options
  • Standard battery 1500mAh
  • Extended battery 2680mAh
  • Standard charger: charge battery via PDA power socket
  • Optional Battery Charger
  • Standard & Extended Battery option
  • Standalone Battery Charger for unlimited battery run time
Magstripe Card Reader (MSR) - Optional
  • Mini-USB MSR fully integrated with the PDA
  • Card output encrypted at hardware level: no clear text data capture
  • Key applications: credit card payment, gift certificate, membership & customer loyalty 
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact MSR for PDA
  • Settle credit card transaction by PDA within customer eyesight
Real-time Alert Feature
  • Inbuilt vibrator & programmable LED enables notification 
    applications for operators & managers, e.g. dishes ready to deliver, item soldout, happy hour, VIP reminder, prolonged unpaid checks, cash drawer amount exceeded & etc
  • With Wi-Fi always on feature, real-time alert / notification functionality could be implemented without sacrificing battery power
  • Inbuilt vibrator and LED for alert applications enhancement
Multi-lingual PDA (MUI)
  • Single PDA model for English & Chinese market
  • Configurable operating system language in control panel

    ** Note: MUI supports English + Simplified Chinese & English + Traditional Chinese by different firmware
  • Support multi-languages with Windows CE 5.0
Handwriting Recognition
  • Incorporated English & Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) handwriting input method
  • Other Chinese methods are supported, e.g. Pinyin, WuBi & etc.
  • Support handwriting application, e.g. Chinese, English & etc
Anti-drop belt strap / Anti-slip hand strap
  • Elastic anti-drop belt strap provided
  • Anti-slip hand strap provided
  • Easy to carry
  • Avoid damage due to dropping
Spare Parts Support
  • Spare parts provided for easy hardware maintenance
  • Clean & modular design: LCD touch panel, motherboard & plastics
  • Trained to be a WF35 repair engineer in 15 minutes
  • Spare parts are available for System Integrator / ISV to provide support for their customers
  • Easy-to-maintain hardware design
Standard Windows CE 5.0 Platform & SDK
  • Open platform for application development & deployment
  • Great flexibility in programming languages, e.g. embedded VC++, .NET Compact Framework (C#, VB.NET)
  • SDK provided for PDA unique features, e.g. vibrator, programmable LED 
  • Standard Windows environment
  • Protect software investment by high compatibility of Windows CE 5.0

1) Wi-Fi standby time  is calculated based on PDA running under sleep mode and Wi-Fi connected, i.e. screen is off, CPU is sleeping and Wi-Fi will wake up PDA when incoming network packet is received
2) Actual operating hours may vary due to different power management settings and transaction volume of POS application
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